Moonface Cushion (Style 2)

Moonface Cushion (Style 2)
Want your very own little moon cushion to snuggle or know someone who would?
This little moonface is called Lunarette and she's such a happy little thing! She has happy little eyes, and she doesn't mind if you want to rename her!
These moonfaces are perfect for anyone who looks up in the night sky and is in awe of our amazing natural satellite. 
Each moonface has a hand embroidered face so every single moonface we make is completely unique! 
Your moonface comes with its own info card full of cool Moon facts. These little softies or kids mini cushions make the best gift ideas: Think baby showers, newborn gifts, birthday presents for young and old or just a gift for someone special for no reason at all except that they love the moon!
Product Details: Front cotton fabric is interfaced and backing fabric is a blackout cotton twill meaning that no tiny loose stuffing fibres should escape! Moonfaces are stuffed with polyfill. Moonfaces are hand stitched closed which means no bulky closing seams. These moonfaces are approximately 20cm in diameter. 
**Please note: The moonface you receive may have slightly different face positioning to the above image as every moonface is individual and made by hand making them extra special! 
***The moonface you will get is the Lunerette style in the first photo.