Moonasaurus is for all the kids young and old that are in awe of what we like to call the awesome past (dinosaurs) the awesome present (geological processes ie. volcanos!) and the awesome future (space)! Yes, we know that apart from the dearly departed dinosaurs, the other two can overlap timezones, but it doesn't sound as cool;) 
Moonasaurus hopes to bring a little bit of that amazement into the lives of young and old, a wonder that all humans have, however deep or fleeting those thoughts may be. We want to inspire people to take that little moment out of their busy lives (cause we're all really busy right?) and stop to think how amazingly crazy and beautiful it all really is!
We would like to believe that truthfully we all never stop learning and hopefully we never stop being in awe.


Erin Walsh - Creator and Owner

From dinosaur drawings - to studying Earth Science - to travelling - and ultimately sewing - Erin's journey to creating Moonasaurus wasn't a straight one.

Erin's entrepreneurial journey started about 25 years ago in Canberra as a young primary school student. She decided to start selling photocopied traced drawings she had done of dinosaurs for 5 cents each. The dinosaur pictures were so popular (because dinosaurs are awesome) and her classmates bought them all! 

Zoom ahead to university where she studied Earth Sciences and fell in love with learning about geology, palaeontology and astronomy. As the course went on Erin became unmotivated about what she thought was her only real career option: mine geology. This led to the crazy decision to leave in her 3rd year and travel overseas with her boyfriend (now husband) Mikal. It was super scary but ended up being the right choice.

After travelling for a while they had their first child (a girl who they nicknamed Moonface). Having a child also motivated Erin to get back into sewing, which she had learnt from her mum.  Erin started selling handmade things like bags, kids clothes, teepees and other random items. This led her to start a business in 2013 where she made children's clothes and little moonface cushions (which now feel at home at Moonasaurus) which were inspired by her daughter. Through that business Erin met so many amazing creatives in Perth that helped and supported her in so many ways. Without their support Erin might never of taken the leap to pursue her true passion Moonasaurus. 

Erin now lives in glorious Perth, Western Australia with Mikal and their two daughters (her moon and her dinosaur).